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Parking in Portslade

Good News - Car Park Enlargement

£2m RenewableEnergy Plant Plan for Shoreham Harbour


Consultation is currently taking place on "Do we want parking restrictions to extend to the West Sussex border?" (Did you even know?) A meeting at the Centre on 19th April 2015 was held to discuss this. The meeting was chaired by two local councillors and a representative from Mott MacDonald who have been tasked by the Council to carry out a review throughout the city.

It was confirmed that before any scheme is adopted a full public consultation will take place and there will be an opportunity for residents to vote to decide if they want such a scheme to be implemented. A negative vote will, it was stated, stop the adoption of any proposed parking scheme.

Those present felt that if parking restrictions were to be extended to Boundary Road, we may, in effect, be forced to accept something we did not want and did not need. The problem of finding somewhere to park affected everyone, but in particular those who worked shifts coming home late at night because then all the spaces were taken. They conceded that when coming home on other shifts there were usually spaces available so parking was not so much of an issue.

It was stated that parking permits were not the best way to solve the problem as the council always issue more permits than there are spaces. Permits do not guarantee you a space outside your house, or even in the area the permit was issued for. They only allow you to park if there is a space available.

The residents that attended the meeting unanimously voted against allowing the extension of parking restrictions into our area although a full consultation will be undertaken if the council decide to pursue the issue.

We will keep you in touch with regard to this proposal. At the moment it only relates to the area below the railway line, but we understand that the Council are arranging this type of meeting throughout Portslade, north Portslade having already had one.


We have also been granted planning permission for the enlargement of the car park. This will enable us to have at least two disabled bays as well as further parking spaces. Applications are now in progress to obtain the necessary funding and we will keep you informed of progress. We would like to hear from anyone who knows of funding source that may be applicable to this project.


The Shoreham Herald reports that Edgeley Green Power (EGP) have submitted a planning application to Adur District Council to build a facility at Shoreham Harbour which could convert enough bio-waste into energy to power the whole area. If permission is granted the company hope to start building next year.

The plant, which would be built on a one acre site, next to Shoreham Power Station at the port's Fishersgate terminal, would be fuelled by vegetable and plant oils and animal fats which are not fit for human consumption.

However more than 100 campaigners say that the plant would add to global deforestation. Members of Biofuel Watch have have inundated Adur Council with letters of objection.

The campaign group has posted a template letter on their website urging its members to write in complaint and 115 from across the UK have already done so. It states "This is not a sustainable development. It will directly and/or indirectly increase the demand for palm oil, which is a key driver of tropical deforestation and has been identified by the UN Environment Programme as the main cause of permanent forest loss in Indonesia and Malaysia."

"Palm oil and other biofuel feedstocks are also linked to land-grabbing, human rights violations and increased hunger." The campaigners also raised concerns about air pollution.

For more information go to or write to Amanda Barrell ( The plans can be viewed at